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Volleyball Report Card: COTR Avalanche

Volleyball Report Card: COTR Avalanche

The COTR Avalanche women’s team enters the semester break with a 4-8 record and have dropped five straight.

The Avalanche have had the injury bug bite them a number of times in the first half including fifth year star player Alexa Koshman. She’s seen limited action so far, but is expected to return the club in the second half.

As in previous years the Avalanche spend most of the first half on the road and play four matches in a weekend. As a matter of fact eight of their first 12 matches have been away from Cranbrook. That will flip flop in the second half so expectations are high once the team is back and should have their full roster intact.

Head coach John Swanson gives his team an overall grade of a “C” after the first half and talks with Ryan Watters about some of the challenges they have faced thus far.