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PACWEST Women's Soccer All-Stars

Photo courtesy of the Douglas Royals
Photo courtesy of the Douglas Royals

The PACWEST is proud to announce the women’s Conference All-Stars following a successful 2017 season.

There are 11 All-Star spots to be awarded and three major awards; the Player of the Year along with Coach and Rookie of the Year.

Here are the 2017 PACWEST women’s soccer All-Stars

Player of the Year – Mikayla Hamilton – Douglas Royals

Coach of the Year – Rae Pelat – Langara Falcons

Rookie of the Year – Claire Ye – Capilano Blues

PACWEST All-Stars:

1. Mikayla Hamilton (pictured) – Douglas Royals
2. Samantha Kell – Douglas Royals
3. Michelle Wessa – Douglas Royals
4. Claire Ye – Capilano Blues
5. Adrianna Babinski – Capilano Blues
6. Guilia Repole – Langara Falcons
7. Sydney Bell – Langara Falcons
8. Carly Dhanda – Langara Falcons
9. Katie Rodgers – VIU Mariners
10. Zoe Grace – VIU Mariners
11. Drew Murray – VIU Mariners

The PACWEST Championship tournament begins for the women on Friday afternoon at 5:30pm. For more information click HERE.