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A Blues Founder's Cup

A Blues Founder's Cup

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Sports Pictures

The PACWEST Founder’s Cup is awarded each year to the institution with the best improvement in aggregate points from the previous season.

Aggregate points are determined by the number of teams in a selected sport.  For example there are seven teams playing in women’s basketball.  The institution that finishes in first place during the regular season receives seven points.  The second place team receives six points and so on.  The institution that finishes with the PACWEST gold medal receives six additional points, followed by four points for the silver medalists and two for the bronze.

The points for each of the four sports, basketball, volleyball, soccer and golf are then combined to give an institution a total amount of points.

The institution that made the best improvement in 2016-2017 was the Capilano Blues who win the PACWEST’s Founder’s Cup.

The Blues, who field a volleyball, basketball and soccer program, saw great success this past year.  Their teams tallied 44 PACWEST aggregate points and a total of 7.33 Founder’s points.  Last season they recorded 36 PACWEST aggregate points and a total of 6 Founder’s points.   

The improvement from last year to this is 1.33 points, better than any other PACWEST institution.

In PACWEST play the men's soccer program won gold, both the women's and men's basketball teams took silver, while the women's volleyball and soccer teams won bronze.